Technology can be the key differentiator in the way a company conducts business. Optimizing technology can increase efficiencies, increase profitability and streamline business procedures. At BCG, we understand the need for companies to use technology to gain a competitive advantage. Whether building new architecture, integrating new technologies with legacy applications, conducting quality assurance or project management, BCG has the expertise and experience to best serve your needs.

While application solutions development is becoming more and more commoditized and offshoring is becoming increasingly popular, BCG offers solutions that align with your bottom line. Why? Because BCG’s skilled professionals understand your business and the technologies it needs to be successful. Our unique, proven business model combines the classic consulting model with an extended community model to provide your company with a technology solution tailored to meet your needs.

BCG takes a holistic, user-centric approach to the application development life-cycle methodology. We incorporate security, human factors and rigorous project management into every application development solution and unlike the typical development life-cycle approach, BCGl’s professionals apply a user-centric design process which involves analysis, design and testing of applications across multiple platforms. This approach assures a high level of application acceptance throughout the enterprise and provides customers with technology solutions instrumental in achieving success and growth.

We know there are a lot of companies providing application solutions that make many promises and claims. We will put our experts up against any one of them. Please select our project profiles to see some real-world examples of tangible results our application solutions team has provided to customers.