Landing page is one of the essential strategies of Internet marketing. It is designed focusing on particular services or products on the site. A landing page is created to attract the attention online visitors so that they can be convinced to buy the product or service they are looking for.
Why Design your Landing Page from Us
6com provides you landing page designs of high quality. Our aim is to boost your return of investment from your site and keeping this in mind we offer you customized services that are most suited to your business. We design your pages keeping in mind the user’s point of view.

  • Knowing the Visitors: We at 6com while designing landing pages first of all go for some research works. The art of making a landing page design successful by knowing the targeted visitors of the site.
  • Use of Images: We are also very particular about using images on your landing pages. We tend to maintain a consistent color scheme that has been already used for other promotional activities for your products/services
  • Following Strategy and Tracking: We tend to learn about the business goals and strategies of our clients by collecting the necessary details it becomes easier for our designers to deliver better services. We also track the conversion rate from the particular landing page to measure its effectiveness or whether it requires further modifications.