Bridgetown Consulting Group’s Strategy Solutions team helps organizations optimize technology across the enterprise. As technology issues continue to evolve and strategically impact the enterprise as a whole, executive leadership teams must focus on ways to optimize the entire business, creating efficiencies and effectiveness.
Understanding how critical this is to the organization, our strategy solutions team works with CIO’s to help them become more business-centric by aligning technology with the operational needs of the organization as well as the overall strategic vision and direction. This evolution of the CIOs role allows a company to focus on what technologies are best for its specific business.
We believe the terms “CIO” and “technology” are not synonymous, and that the mandate against technology driving the business doesn’t ban the CIO from being a business driver. In fact, the business-centric CIO has the opportunity to be truly successful by anticipating forthcoming business needs, the technological options for meeting those needs and the business impact of doing so.

For this reason, 6com works with the CIO and the organizational leadership team to: understand business strategy, align your business priorities around that strategy, and define the strategic technology direction of the enterprise as it aligns to the business strategy. Additionally, 6com Strategy Solutions seeks to identify opportunities to positively impact the business direction, quantify the expected impact, and seek out opportunities with the organization to evolve into new areas via innovative IT advancements.
6com’s strategy team consists of members that have significant IT experience paired with a keen business knowledge. Leveraging this experience and creating specific best practices, we help organizations achieve tangible results. Our consultants employ proven industry methodologies to help our customers, which range from non-profit to middle-market to Global 1000 companies, determine how technology can be of value. Companies often try to avoid cost challenges in creating an effective business strategy by keeping this function in-house. Through our successful partnerships, we have learned that without an experienced and deeply knowledgeable strategy team, a company takes a much greater risk.
As your company grows, so do your technology needs and the importance of your investment decisions. 6com’s strategy solutions capabilities help guide you through the decision-making process, focusing on strategic planning, organizational design, business/organization transformation, change management and planning and Web and technology strategy and planning. Blackwell uses its thought leadership in these areas in a holistic manner to partner with its customers and achieve excellence.