The customer strategies group, within the wholesale banking unit of a major US bank has developed and maintains a web application to promote and plan cross-selling activities. This internal facing application covers a wide range of banking services and products marketed to wholesale banking customers. 6com developed procedures and documentation standards to formalize actionable business requirements and technical design specifications. This process allowed the business proponents to see how their requirements would be implemented, and allowed for a formal sign-off. It also provided common communication to help the developers to understand expectations, and the business to see how their expectations would be manifested.

  • A Major US bank needed to complete security and risk assessment reviews to evaluate compliance to various federal and international laws, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the Basel II accords. 6com provided Senior Business Analysts and Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) Consultants for project engagements across the United States and India. Our consultants created the underlying methodology, and supporting automated tools, to complete Risk Assessments and Compliance Reviews for internal applications and business units, as well as external service providers and key corporate vendors. Teams of CISSP consultants were dispatched to verify and document all supporting work programs.
  • A major US bank required a sophisticated risk management system to meet Government Compliance and market needs (Sarbanes Oxley and Basel II). This project involved analyzing business needs, writing requirements and training materials, and testing the finished system. The 6com team provided business analysis, software testing, and technical writing support. Within 7 months, the team successfully delivered phase 1 of a sophisticated system (100 plus screens) used for analyzing and controlling operational risk.