When it comes to enterprise application solutions, BCG believes that organizations should not create anything that already exists for purchase. Why recreate the wheel? Instead, we provide services to support the deployment, implementation and support of two of the most trusted names in ERP – Oracle and PeopleSoft.


By working with BCG to determine the best packaged ERP solutions for your organization’s needs, you are able to continue to focus on what’s important – your business. Additionally, our enterprise solutions support a robust set of industries and markets to reach a wide range of audiences, from top tier and middle market companies to individuals. Blackwell’s enterprise solutions practice provides your company with the technology and business solutions to streamline procedures, create efficiencies and increase revenue.


We recognize how important enterprise solutions are to an organization – no matter the size. So if your organization understands the importance of continuing to focus on what you do best – your business – you’ll be interested in finding out more about Blackwell’s enterprise solutions capabilities.